Which is better for SEO: Content Or Links?

SEO Content or Link Building for Search Engine Optimization : Which is Best? 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is defined as a process to improve the visibility of a web site or a web page through natural search results in a search engine. Generally, more visible a website is on the search list, the more visitors it gets from the search engines.

Content is the substance and the paragraphs of your page. It describes your web page and imparts relevant information to the seekers. The more the content, the better are the visibility chances of the site during the search. But what is most important is the ‘Quality’ of content.

A website that is full of useful information will grab the viewers’ attention instantly. Hence, content should be of high quality, answering all possible common queries and should prove to be a resourceful powerhouse of information. In SEO parlance, “CONTENT IS KING” because one is more likely to get inbound links from other sites if the website contains high-quality, unique data.

Links also help establish the ranking status of a particular webpage. Higher the number of incoming links to a website, better it ranks in the SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. The search engines pay special attention to the anchor text, as through these, links lead to your web pages.

Generally, links in the body, i.e., in paragraphs, are counted for more than the ones that are all by themselves in maybe a navigator bar or footer. Search engine optimizers try to link the maximum number of other web pages to the website home page. The manual directory submission process is generally and most popularly used to create the appropriate inbound links. To get long term, permanent, one-way links, techniques such as directory submission, article submission, forum posting, press release submission, and other SEO methods must be regularly employed.

Looking at the nature and task of content and links, it can be rightly said that both work collectively towards making your web site and web pages more popular. Links are essential for getting high search engine rankings, while if your web page does not have enough good quality content, nobody will link to it. Through meaningful, informative, relevant content, visitors feel compelled to visit the site again and again. And the traffic is mainly generated and depends upon huge incoming one-way links.

On its philosophy page, Google says, “Focus on the user, and all else will follow.” Accordingly, webmasters are required to build the best possible web site rich in valuable content, which another will feel glad to link back to; and good rankings will automatically follow through inbound links. For long term optimization, the focus should be on the quality of a web page rather than how to achieve a higher ranking. It’s said that work hard, give variety, and fruits would be gained automatically in the form of success, income, and fame.

Similarly, the best way to achieve a high rank is to give one’s all to build up a good web site with excellent informative content, as content surely rules the universe of SEO.

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