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Our Social Media Ad Solution quickly locates the Social Media Ads that are working NOW!

Searchooli Social Ad Sleuth: Making more money with software ads that work!

One of the most important parts of running a business is investing time and money towards advertising to whatever market is suited towards the most profit.

Searchooli Social Ad Sleuth contains a very useful ad database to garner a more rounded education on the subject of ads and their impact on any business.

Running the proper ads, and knowing how important they are is imperative information that can be acquired through our service.

We utilize Facebook competitors analysis to view what ads are being run, and how they are doing on a daily basis. This information regarding competitors is important so that you can adjust the ad campaign accordingly.

We help to create more traffic and purchases within any business through advanced ad analysis, guiding you every step of the way towards consistent success!

View all Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube ads that are money makers for any Niche!

There are considerable advantages to decipher which ads will make the most revenue for the long term. Pursuing the use of ads without the proper knowledge can result in disappointing and even loss of assets. You can lose MONEY! 

Signing up with a solution such as Searchooli Social Ad Sleuth will increase the proficiency of any ad goals for all businesses.

It’s an aggressive market to say the least, but tools like this are what separate the successes of larger companies from others. We pour a ton of time and money into these endeavors using tools like this one to ensure that our ads are accurately targeted for increased revenue, but also to gain insight and profound understanding of the nature of every competitor’s successful ads being run.

We have the largest Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube ad data base on the web, and boast the capacity for other sites as well, making this a versatile service for all users.

Generating immense buyer traffic doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. When implementing these ad strategies, you will see increased results and the ability to target your buyers more efficiently with increased results.

We will give you a funnel breakdown to show a comprehensive layout of which ads are selling and which aren’t.

View demographics, target countries and more!

Our Social Ad Example Solution is an innovative ad tool, we give businesses a cutting edge in the industry to push forward increasing profits and marketability.

Times are constantly changing, and with business this is no exception.

Your clients have many different variations and tastes that all go into the deliberation process for the advertising plans. It’s important to have professionals on your side who fully understand the Facebook advertising market, and are flexible and adaptable to ad needs for the given future.

We can isolate a demographic and use advanced statistics to determine which types of buyers are consuming various products.

This data is compiled into the tool that will give any business the means for increased accuracy when targeting a specific type of person you’re looking to sell to.

Customers have never been easier to reach in this modern era, and online ad campaigns are where the majority of the money is made, but it is much easier when you implement the right ads from an accurate database of other successful campaigns.

This advanced targeting is a hallmark of the Searchooli Social Ad Sleuth tool, and can give even the newest advertisers an amazing advantage!

Monitor and examine where ad traffic is going

The travel of ad traffic is very important when analyzing data streams from each particular purchase. Knowing who buys what, when, and how much are also important factors to consider when examining the data.

There is much useful information to be found, such as a very informative Facebook competitors analysis spreadsheet that will give you important sales statistics from other businesses. It gives any user of the software the power to know the strategies of already large and successful advertisers on the market.


There is a constant fluctuation in the flow of advertising traffic, and the goal in the end is to increase the funnel of traffic that leads to direct sales and profit for the service promoted. This requires a working flexible knowledge of the ad flow over time. Lacking in these skills will cause people to deliver ads that may not be doing as well as We think We will.

Taking the extra measures and utilizing the advantages of the Searchooli Social Ad Sleuth tool will give any business confidence and peace of mind when initiating advertising on Facebook. With so many advertisers, it’s important to understand what will generate advertising traffic and what types of ads are dead in the water.

Domination of E-commerce: Changing the game

Everyone wants to be on top for their particular brand of product, and everyone competes to be the best product available. The main battlefield is what constitutes the scope of advertising for the modern world.

We have come a long way since the old ways of advertising, and with most people transitioning to the internet, it’s easy to see the immense importance of utilizing effective online advertising through Facebook and other platforms alike.

This competition for domination of the market is what drives the economy, and it’s healthy competition that drives each other to do better and give the customer a better experience.

Reaching these buyers can be a tricky challenge, especially if you’re new or are selling something to a smaller targeted market. Developing targeted advertising based on the needs of each customer is the key to getting the message of any business to all prospective buyers.

This advertising tool is so effective that We offer a fourteen day money back guarantee if you don’t see the results We promise.

Searchooli Social Ad Sleuth is a tool that will give any individual greater control and knowledge in regards to advertising their products to a targeted market.

Information on competitors and their ads!

Competitors aren’t enemies of each other, but We are in opposition, especially within their own respective brands. The phrase of knowing your enemy is a powerful and important one, only in this case you should know your opposition and the tools we use to gain a competitive advantage on the business field.

Playing this field strategically and with sound judgement instead of in a careless or reckless way will make the difference between a small and large percentage of revenue for all businesses.

Taking the extra step to implement the tools of the pros will give any business the value information we deserve.

It’s easy to sign up and gain more valued and relevant statistics for each particular month. With the holidays, weather and other variables, it can be difficult to gain a full understanding of market fluctuation in profitability for advertisers.

When using Searchooli Social Ad Sleuth, one gains the right information such as Geo Location filters, and demographic and engagement filters. Growing an email list for finding buyers has been a practice for a long time, but sometimes it’s much easier to use this through a site that will handle it for you.

We offer advanced tips on how to apply their knowledge to increase the email list, growing the business and utilizing an advanced targeted advertising approach.

The information available is remarkable, and it eliminates the guesswork that traditionally accompanies the process of developing Facebook ads.


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We know what works and all the information you could possibly need to build the best ads in your niche are now at your fingertips.

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