How to Use Google My Business To Increase Your Website Traffic

Why use Google My Business?

SEO, it’s become a buzzword in the internet marketing world. You’ve probably been duped into reading vague articles after vague articles about how “these tricks” will boost your website SEO. With an ever-growing list of self-proclaimed website marketing experts, there is certainly no shortage of people claiming to be “the one” with the answers. To that, I say enough is enough. In this article, we explore what Google My Business is and why it matters, not because I say so, but because the most successful SEO experts (the real ones) actually use it with success. 

What will you learn here?

 In this article, I want to teach you some basic principals of what GMB is and how to use it. This information will enable you to work on getting better SEO results for your website or webpage. Results that are tangible and last for more than just a few hours. 

 After reading this article, you’ll have learned: 

  • What is Google My Business?
  • SEO benefits of Google my business.
  • Manage your information for more traffic.
  • Increase revenue through interaction.
  • How to be creative and drive more business with GMB.
  • Using GMB improves your SEO.

What is GMB? 

 First up, the most important part, what exactly is GMB, and why should you care? GMB serves as a “command center” if you will for your business exposure across Google services. From searches to Google Maps, GMB helps you manage all of that information and digest those metrics in one place. Through GMB, you can also edit and manage certain information. Doing so, in some cases, may help customers find your business easier. So, while the old adage of “build it, and they will come” is still partially true, you’ll need to make sure people know it exists in the first place. Believe it or not, many businesses simply lack updating basic information like their phone number, website, or store hours via Google. As a result, countless businesses are losing sales and revenue because they don’t use GMB. 

SEO benefits of Google my business.

 Google advertises three primary components of GMB benefits. The first is being able to manage your information. This not only helps customers stay up to date with changes but also helps keep accurate information. If your phone number changes, for example, you’ll want to ensure customers have access to the new phone number. 

Manage your information for more traffic.

 Furthermore, when a customer performs a google search for a specific business, you’ll want to make sure yours pops up. Go to Google right now and do a search for a plumber. Google will pull up plumbers in your relative area. Notice how they all list updated and relevant business information? That’s why it’s important to use GMB. Customers will be able to see your business quicker, and customers are twice as likely to think your business is reputable if you use GMB. 

Increase revenue through interaction. 

 Another benefit of using GMB is the ability to interact with your customers. Via GMB, you can read and respond to customer reviews. You can add photos to show off what your business does. Just by adding photos, businesses see 42% more requests for directions via Google Maps and 35% more clicks to the business website from customers. You get all of that increase in traffic over some simple photos and responsiveness to your customers. 

 Secondly, GMB helps you understand your presence and expand it. GMB will show you how customers are searching for your business and related businesses, as well as how they get to you. So if most people call your business, you can see that metric and act on it. 

How to be creative and drive more business with GMB.

 You may be wondering, can I do anything beyond just updating my business information and adding pictures? Especially in more competitive markets where every business is doing just that, it may be time to get creative. Fortunately, GMB offers some flexibility to be creative. Here are just six suggestions for using GMB in a more creative way to drive more traffic to your business. 

 1. Give updates on special offers and promotions you’re running. 

 2. Respond to reviews as quickly as possible for maximum exposure. 

 3. Add more photos with your customers using your products. 

 4. Answer customer’s questions for better engagement. 

 5. Adjust your Google Maps location, to be exact.

 6. Be recent!

 What do I mean by, “Be recent”? A 2019 study from Ben Fisher found that only 17% of businesses had a GMB post within the last seven days. Why does that matter? Think about this. Let’s say you want to buy yourself a new set of golf clubs after breaking a new sales record (congrats). You look up a store hoping to find someone you know a thing or two and will give you a fair price. But here’s the problem. You notice that business A doesn’t seem to engage at all with customers online. Meanwhile, business B often comments, gives advice, and posts pictures of customers. From your gut alone, which business are you more likely to drive to? Business B is obviously the answer. That’s because customers overall feel that more engagement and activity from a business online is more reputable. Now factor in businesses like auto mechanics or trades in which reputation alone can make or break a business, and you should understand why. 

Using GMB improves your SEO.

 Finally, we get to talk about good ole SEO. GMB is not only free but one of the most powerful ways to improve your SEO. The simple act of claiming your business profile alone can boost your SEO drastically. Now consider all of the other actions like adding updated business information, a more precise location, and getting more reviews through engagement. With all of those things and more, you have a recipe that perfectly fits into what Google wants for SEO. No more just trying to hit keywords or get backlinks. Nope, just some honest information and engagement, and you’re well on your way to a better SEO rank on Google. So, you should use Google My Business for SEO because it simply doesn’t make sense not to. GMB is a free and simple tool to use and has a powerful and lasting effect on your SEO.

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