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increasing domain authority

Website Domain Authority Increased


There are many factors that help your website rank high on search engines. One way to achieve high rankings is to work towards increasing domain authority (DA). A metric determines a website’s domain authority from 0 to 100 based on a number of factors. Your website’s ability to rank high up on search engines is linked to these metric measurements.

Rankings in domain authority were first developed by Moz, which refined the idea based on the concept of PageRank. A Google founder introduced PageRank in order to determine the importance of webpages and websites. A website’s domain authority is mainly used for comparative purposes. Meaning, it is not solely linked to your website’s SEO performance, though it does play a part. Your domain authority is not something that you can change immediately. Instead, it is a concept that gradually increases (or decreases) over time based on your website’s performance.

Taking steps to boost DA will have you well on your way to ranking higher up on search engine results. To do so, you will need to know precisely how domain authority is calculated.

These factors include:

  • Off-site links leading to your site.
  • The quality and usefulness of incoming links.
  • Your site’s popularity on social media platforms.
  • The general SEO quality of your website.

Though these factors are not the only ones considered by Google, they are the more well-known ones you can work with. Keep in mind that Google has its own set of rules. The Moz developed factors are only some of what Google considers when deciding on ranking. Also, since domain authority is more of a comparative tool, the goal is to score higher than competitors rather than get a high score.

The Opportunity

When it comes to keeping track of your website, the main goal is to ensure that it is visible to searchers. This is because you will want your website to drive as much traffic as possible. One surefire way to do this is to have your page rank as close to the top on the search engine results page (SERP). With that said, your domain authority will help your site gain the credibility and visibility it needs on search engines in order for people to visit your website and drive organic traffic.

Keep in mind that your domain authority score also needs to be relevant based on the searcher’s keywords. Google will make sure of this. So, why is domain authority important? In short, your domain authority is important because it allows you to rank higher on search engines. Timely, this will give you the opportunity to capture a larger audience and drive more organic traffic to your website. As a website owner or manager, your goal is to have people explore your site and stay on it as long as possible. All in all, your site should have relevant content with viable links and keywords that provide real value to your audience. Following this will ensure that you start to increase your domain authority and rank higher on search engines.

Simple Ways To Increase Domain Authority

Though there are many things still to be explored on how to increase a site’s domain authority, there are evident aspects that impact it. These aspects can be improved upon to give your website a larger chance of ranking high on search engines. Aside from the relevance of your content to a specific search entry, you will also want to improve other parts of your site.

Choose the right domain name
Optimize on-page content
Link your content
Optimize your website’s user interface
Choose The Right Domain Name

When you build your website, choosing a domain name is one of the first things you will do. In this case, your domain name should be relevant to your website’s content. Meaning, if your website is about food recipes, your domain name should reflect that as clearly as possible. Moreover, your domain name should be as easy to remember as possible. Domain names will generally include the title of your website and will be the first appeal, so it should always be catchy.

Optimize On-Page Content

As mentioned above, Google and other search engines have algorithms that check the relevance of your content to determine how it will rank on results. One way to increase this ranking is to optimize your on-page content. Your website’s content should be viable and interesting enough to catch your visitors’ attention and keep them scrolling through your site. To optimize your content, make sure the SEO is as good as possible. This can be done by making use or relevant keywords, links, and images in your content to make it more appealing. Do not forget to fill in a good meta description and image alt texts. Though small, all aspects of SEO work hand in hand to make your site optimized.

Link Your Content

Linking your content off-site and on-site will increase your domain authority. If search engines see that your site is referenced on off-site pages, it makes it more relevant. You can do this by promoting your site on social media or partnering up with bloggers who can promote your website in their content. On-site linking will provide your visitors a chance to explore all the pages on your site, keeping them there longer and, in turn, increasing your site’s domain authority.

Optimize Your Website’s Interface

A website’s interface is basically its ease of use. The easier a site is to view and navigate, the more likely people will spend time browsing your content. Your website’s pages should load quickly and in good quality. Also, sites should be mobile-friendly, making it easy for anyone on the go to view your content from their cellphones.

The Deal On Domain Authority

Domain authority is important to your website because it gives you the chance to evaluate the performance. It also gives you an idea of where you stand in relation to your competitor’s site. Knowing such information means you can opt to find other websites to link to. Doing so will drive your traffic and bring in a broader audience. Domain authority is a long-term thing, so do not get discouraged if it takes time to increase it. The efforts will be well worth the results in the end.

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