What Is Guest Blogging

How to Find Websites For Guest Posting

As search engine optimization (SEO) becomes more prominent in ensuring the success of a website, many strategies have arisen to help bring about organic traffic. One such strategy is guest posting. Recently, this strategy has been used in order to further the credibility and reputation of different websites. Guest posting is a type of digital marketing wherein you post links to your website on other platforms and websites. Basically, you are encouraging people to visit your website through having your link posted or promoted by others.

Find The Right Sites

As with anything having to do with digital marketing, you have to be strategic on your moves. Yes, getting your website out there is a great thing, but do not just choose websites at random without doing some background checks on them. Carelessly posting on various websites could do your site more harm than good if not done right. When it comes to guest posting, you should always consider some things.

Similar Audience

One of the first things you need to consider when choosing a site to guest post on is the audience it brings in. Making sure you reach the right audience will increase your chances of turning website visits into possible customers availing of your products or services. Such a concept is also true if you are looking into having others promote your site. The goal of guest posting is to bring potential clients to your website, so it is important to make sure you are hitting the right target audience. For example, if your site is focused on selling activewear, you do not want to target an audience of chefs and cooks. This will not bring you the right audience who would avail of your products.

Related Topics

The next thing you should keep an eye out for is if the website you plan on posting on has related topics to yours. The key to doing this is to thoroughly search for sites that relate to the topic you have in mind. Following this will go hand in hand with getting you the audience you want. If you are posting about one specific topic on a website with multiple topics, you may not get the right traffic linking to your website. The more related the site is to your topic, the better your chances of getting the right attention.

Popularity Of Site

Another aspect you should consider when looking for a site to post your guest articles on is its popularity. Choosing a website for your guest posted articles means keeping in mind the website’s traffic. The more popular the site is, the more chances you have of gaining the audience you want to visit your site after reading through your content. Moreover, if the site is reputable and is known for giving out valuable content, your credibility will, in turn, increase. Since people trust the website for information, your guest post will prove to be worth taking the time to learn more.

Why You Should Guest Post

As a website owner or manager, you may be wondering why it is so important to find other sites to work with through guest posting. This is because search engines take this into account when ranking your site on search engines. When you have backlinks posted on other reliable websites, your overall website authority increases. With this increase, you are more likely to show up on search results, hopefully even on the first page. Aside from being able to include backlinks to your site on guest posts, you are also given a chance to spread your content out there. Inevitably, you will reach more people interested in learning more about your offerings. Backlinks are the texts within your guest posts that, when clicked, will bring readers to the desired page on your website. This method makes it convenient for interested parties to navigate to your site in an easy manner.

Knowing why guest posting is important and how to find the right sites to do so have been covered. Now, we can move on to why exactly such a strategy will benefit your website and what it offers.

  • Builds Brand/Site Awareness
  • Exposes You To Your Target Audience
  • Grows Social Media Presence
  • Broadens Your Boundaries

Builds Brand/Site Awareness

Possibly the number one reason you should look into guest posting is that it helps builds awareness for your website or brand. In today’s age, exposure is the best way to gain potential clients or followers who will use your content to make their lives easier. Sometimes, it can be a free form of advertising to gain the audience you need to be successful in maintaining a business. Through guest posting, you are able to link yourself to other reliable sites that already have a good following. With this, you can direct them to your site with ease to gain the wanted organic traffic to keep things moving.

Exposes You To Your Target Audience

Hand in hand with building your credibility, guest posting also exposes you to the target audience you want. If you carefully choose the sites you post on, chances are you will gain the needed audience you need. Targeting a specific audience based on your offerings is a big key to a digital marketing strategy. Going back to our earlier example, if you are focused on sportswear, look for sites with similar postings, not sites that focus on something off-topic like food recipes.

Grows Social Media Presence

It is a fact that social media has a significant influence on people’s internet habits. As you guest post, your social media presence can be increased, making you more visible to potential leads. Social media is also another way that people look to see how credible your offerings are. When people comment or leave reviews of your site, others take it at face value to decide if they will avail of your offerings or not. Maintaining a social media presence will draw people to your site with the knowledge that they are in a secure site that can foster their needs in a reliable light.

Broadens Your Boundaries

Lastly, guest posting is able to broaden your boundaries. This means your reach becomes larger. The internet and search engines are a universal thing. You will not be limited to a certain area or location. Rather, your reach could be worldwide if you want it to be. Such a vast audience reach will gain you more possible traffic to your site and create larger opportunities for growth and expansion.

All these aspects work hand in hand with each other. It is a cascade of benefits that can and will significantly increase your ability to grow and manage your business or following. Through guest posting, a vast world opens up to you that enables internet users around the world to see what you can offer them.

Guest Posting Do’s And Don’ts

Before you start guest posting on different websites, it is always good to know some valuable tips. Running through the do’s and don’ts will guide you on how you can make the most out of your post and gain the audience’s attention you want most.


Scan through the website and do some background checks to see if they are able to post topics you want to write and promote. Knowing the main pull of the website will go a long way in helping you decide if it is the right platform you’re your needs.

When writing content for guest posting, make sure your content is appealing and can pull in readers to read through your whole post. This means having a catchy title and headlines that address the needs of your target audience. The more appealing and appealing your headlines, the more likely people will stick around to read what you have to say.



When it comes to writing your content, don’t make it generic. Meaning, write something original and new. Posts that are repetitive of others will not gain the attention you want. As much as possible, be as unique as possible in your content.

Don’t over link your site. You can have one link to your site right off the bat in your first paragraph. Then you can sprinkle it one or two more times depending on the length of your content. As much as possible, do not over-optimize your site by spamming links every few sentences. Doing so runs the risk of having your post rejected.

Guest posting has become a crucial aspect when it comes to making your website viable. It helps in numerous ways and can greatly impact your overall rankings on search engines. It is also an excellent digital marketing strategy that can greatly increase your online presence and bring people to your website.

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