How Blog Commenting Helps Your SEO

What we need to know about the importance of commenting on blog posts?

It is the bond tied between the blog, its bloggers, and readers. It is a way to communicate with each other’s ideas, thoughts, and opinions about a specific blog post. The action is initiated by the viewer or visitors (blog readers) in forms of questions and to seconded by the bloggers in types of answers. This process is considered one way of attracting potential traffic socially.


Is it essential for achieving the best SEO practices?

Blog comments serve as the electricity, and blog posts serve as the light bulb. These comments are important factors that make blogs shine and become visible online. Through commenting on blog posts, people are exchanging knowledge. With this knowledge comes the so-called backlinks, a hyperlink from one web page to another website.

Whenever we comment on a blog, we must create backlinks to attract traffic to visit our page. This action will eventually help us with our SEO. These backlinks are having value for SEO because they represent confidence votes. It serves as signals to search engine platforms that traffic vouch for your content.

It is harder than it sounds. Still, there are risks in commenting on blogs and rewards as well. Commenting on blogs for SEO has been abused for several years, and Google, Webmasters, and various SEO experts took notice of it. There were automated tools that spread comments, generated numbers of backlinks, and made rankings of these sites high quickly. However, this problem was solved by Google, which started to devalue user-generated content. Now, most blogs already have anti-spam settings. For example, a specific comment was seen in a much different centralized company; that comment will be acknowledged as spam by the system.

The good thing is we still can potentially gain value with blog comment links even it’s on a nofollow site. If readers of our blogs saw our comments and click out the link, that will be our newest visitor/traffic. Chances will be those readers who decided that you aren’t spamming and link you to them organically at some point in time. Here is some basis that blog comments are needed to be included in SEO:

  • creates bonds through discussing the subject of the blog.
  • choosing blog and industry relevant to your business and leave comments generates traffic now and then
  • consistently adding value in the niche to build brand awareness with related blog platforms
  • wide range of IP diversity is offered to be linked in our profile
  • high-quality backlinks (as mentioned earlier) created from websites that are niche relevant.

The necessary yet, sufficient, steps to perform Blog Post Commenting for the use of SEO:

  1. Be personal – to make people visit your page through your comments; let them know whom you are instead of putting up a username that doesn’t relate to your identity. Make sure you reveal your full name and brand name.
  2. Attract the exact people with your comments – do not waste time on nonsense and irrelevant blogs. Always choose to interact with those who relate to the business you have. In that way, the right traffic will click and visit the page you want to see.
  3. Input outstanding commentary – if you are about to write comments on highly authorized blogs, which is very advisable, you must think of the most relevant texts that will make you outstand the others. The first thing to consider is to know the central topic of the post. Then next, think of ideas with the highest value and the most worthy to say.
  4. Learn to make conversation alive as possible – do not just put in one relevant comment then vanish like Casper the ghost. You must learn to interact, start a good conversation, and make exchanging opinions last longer so visitors reading it may become your potential traffic. Also, by being conversational, you will establish connections with the bloggers or authors.
  5. Learn to know when to lay down your link – it is essential to know whether your link is relevant or irrelevant to your comment. And always make sure that you have linked your name to the exact page where you want people to land on.

This is how commenting on blog posts can help us with SEO. It’s another step to catch traffic attention organically.

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