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Where Are Your Clients Clicking? We Know EXACTLY Where!

There’s nothing more important than knowing where to find you clients and potential customers online. If you know where they’re looking then you know how to get in front of them. There is this seriously under utilized piece of software called “HeatMaps” that record exactly where and what your potential clients are clicking on when they land on your website. Check out the video below to see exactly why it’s important to be on the first page of Google in the top 3 spots! 

This is a Heat Map and shows exactly why it’s so important to be number one in the search engine rank pages. 

Our SEO clients receive this type of analytics on their Live Analytics Dashboard. 

When someone comes to your site we get an average of what they’re doing and where they’re clicking. This is a huge asset in terms of optimizing conversions and slowing down the bounce rate. 

Impressive huh?

The Future of Digital Business

5 Years ago SEO was predicted to be an $80 Billion Business in 2020… and it is! That’s not going to change anytime soon. SEO will always be necessary and it’s quickly becoming more and more complicated. With the addition of Social Media Marketing you almost don’t have time to do anything but marketing when it comes to your business.  


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